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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

I offer a free hour long face-to-face initial assessment session. Thereafter, subsequent sessions cost £45 per hour. The cost for telephone counselling is £30 per hour.
Concessions may be available for students and those living on low or reduced incomes.

How do I pay?

You can pay by cash or cheque, or if you would prefer via an online bank transfer. I can provide my bank details.

How long are the counselling sessions, how often will I need to come and how many will I need?

Sessions usually last for 1 hour, unless we have agreed otherwise.

In the early weeks and months of counselling it is usually advisable to come for weekly sessions. This is particularly important in the early stages of therapy in order for you to become familiar with the process of counselling and for the therapeutic relationship between us to develop. When this has happened, and it is hard to say exactly when this will be, as no two persons therapy is the same, it may be possible to move to fortnightly sessions. Many people choose to continue with weekly meetings.

The number of sessions you will need depends on so many factors and it is impossible to give an answer. You may visit your counsellor just once or twice or many, many times over weeks, months or years.

What are cancellation fees?

I reserve the right to charge the full cost of the session if cancelled with less than 24 hours notice and where sessions cannot be rearranged within the same week.

Where can I see you?

I work from my studio in my home in Stroud, Gloucestershire.
In addition to daytime appointments, I can offer a limited number of early morning or evening appointments, should you wish to come at the start or end of your day.

Is your service confidential?

Yes, it is confidential. However, there are a few notable and important exceptions. At our initial assessment session, confidentiality will be one of the first things I will go over over with you so that you are clear from the outset of your counselling, where the boundaries of confidentiality lie. That said, if you prefer to know about this in advance of the assessment session, please do ring or email me and I will be more than happy to go over it with you.

How quickly will you respond to my inquiry?

Within 24 hours. If your inquiry was by email and you haven't received a response after 24 hours don't forget to check your email junk box.

"We cannot change, we cannot move away from what we are, until we thoroughly accept what we are. Then change seems to come about almost unnoticed."
Carl R. Rogers

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